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Warehousing Services

The storage of goods is currently a very popular service.

Obviously, having only one operator responsible for the combination of transportation and warehousing logistics is convenient. In fact, the Customer does not need to transfer the goods directly from the carrier to the warehouse. The responsibility for the goods rests with AMCOR Logistic at all stages of transportation and storage.

AMCOR Logistic provides integrated cargo storage solutions. Thanks to our highly qualified personnel, we are able to implement a full range of warehouse logistics services. Our background of experience helps us fully optimize all the costs associated with storage services.

We offer:

  • safe storage of goods
  • maintenance of goods in our warehouses
  • provision of information to the customer at all stages of the service

Warehouse Storage Services

AMCOR Logistic transport company also provides warehouse storage services. This is a cost-effective and convenient customer-oriented service.

Our warehousing solutions are always tailored to customer’s needs and business requirements. We create fully adapted and integrated long-term warehousing solutions to provide short-term storage or to act as a transshipment terminal. We offer cost-effective and flexible solutions that adapt to the needs of your business and help your logistics outperform your competitors. Our warehouses ensure both short-term and long-term storage.

Warehousing operations are one of the services that we provide to our customers. We have fully trained personnel and the necessary equipment. Our highly professional, flexible and motivated personnel and modern warehouse management system form the basis for the provision of warehousing services.

Our warehousing services include:

  1. Public warehousing provides scalability to your supply chain and adds specialization, flexibility, cost reduction and many other benefits.
  2. Contract warehousing provides specialized long-term outsourcing logistics to companies that need a fully integrated supply chain solution.
  3. Cross-docking helps manufacturers and retailers speed up the delivery of products to their customers, grow their inventory and reduce delivery costs.

Our warehousing services are a flexible and dynamic solution for customers’ storage needs. Grow and develop your business and let our company handle warehousing issues for you.

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