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Trucking Services

Freight trucking is the most popular and convenient delivery option. It is suitable for both private customers and large business corporations. The concept of road transport includes not only vehicles but also various special-purpose structures (service stations, garages, handling terminals).

AMCOR Logistic arranges freight trucking to any destination, offers its customers the most favorable conditions and guarantees an integrated approach to any task. Broad professional experience allows our experts to develop optimal logistics routes and schedules. Delivery on a tight schedule is possible.

Road Freight Service Types and Features

Road freight services are suitable for inter-district, city, inter-regional and international deliveries. Types of road transport are usually classified based on territorial, industrial and seasonal grounds. The volume and tonnage of freight shipments are also very important.

Depending on the type of goods transported, freight trucking services can be used for agricultural, construction, postal, industrial and commercial sectors. All of the above factors — from the destination of the freight to the specifics of operations (temporary, permanent, seasonal) — should be taken into account when choosing a vehicle and drawing up a route.

International Trucking Services by AMCOR Logistic

International trucking of goods by AMCOR Logistic is a universal delivery option with the optimal ratio of speed, distance and cost of transportation. Freight transportation by road between Russia and other countries is reliable and safe. It has fixed delivery schedules and ensures high freight safety. Our experts offer trucking services of any complexity in compliance with established regulations and rules.

Freight Trucking Costs

The trucking freight cost is calculated based on the following factors:

  • freight dimensions
  • type of vehicle
  • freight classification
  • distances from departure to destination
  • need for additional services (insurance, escorting, customs clearance)

AMCOR Logistic Freight Trucking Services

AMCOR Logistic trucking services ensure an integrated approach and affordable costs. Our advantages:

  • freight safety guarantee
  • well-established transport links at the inter-regional and international level
  • fast shipping, adherence to schedules and terms of delivery
  • assistance with paperwork and insurance (if necessary)
  • 24/7 shipment tracking

To make a request or ask our expert a question, please give us a call or use the feedback form. One of our managers will call you back shortly.

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