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Air Cargo Services

Air cargo transportation services are an easy and cost-effective transportation option which ensures fast delivery of goods to any destination around the world. Transportation by air is required when perishable and high-value goods are to be transported over long distances. AMCOR Logistic offers cost-effective solutions for air cargo services and guarantees assistance in resolving customs clearance and insurance issues.

International Air Cargo Services by AMCOR Logistic

International air cargo transportation is the most optimal option for fast delivery to any destination. Since the air transportation method is free of obstacles, traffic jams and other problems inherent in land transportation, it allows transporting any cargo in the shortest possible time. Delivery by air guarantees high safety of shipments which is especially important when fragile and high-value commodities are to be transported. AMCOR Logistic experts arrange international air transportation of cargoes from Moscow and other Russian cities. We work with any directions and always offer the most favorable conditions for cooperation.

Air Cargo Costs

The cost of air cargo services depends on a number of factors. The rates are calculated taking into account the following data: The delivery of groupage cargoes (cargoes from several senders on board one plane) is the most cost-effective option.

AMCOR Logistic Air Cargo Services

AMCOR Logistic provides air cargo services at affordable prices.

Failure to observe safety precautions during cargo transportation may:

  • have a negative or destructive impact on the environment
  • result in fire hazards
  • cause death
  • damage vehicles
  • The cost of air transportation of cargo is calculated based on the following factors:
  • cargo category and dimensions
  • flight distance
  • stability of weather conditions (affects the delivery time)
  • Our experts provide:
  • qualified assistance in the preparation of any documents
  • selection of appropriate means of transportation taking into account the characteristics of the route and the specific features of the cargo
  • guarantee of safety and timely delivery to any destination in the world
  • door-to-door delivery of cargoes (at the customer’s request)
  • cargo insurance services (on individual terms)

We arrange turnkey solutions for the transportation of groupage, small and bulky cargoes, as well as valuable documents.

We successfully cooperate with foreign logistics companies and guarantee the simplest and safest air transportation of any cargoes. If you have questions, please call us or send us your details using the feedback form and our experts will contact you shortly.

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