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Sea Cargo Services

Sea transportation is a cost-effective delivery option which allows the transportation of cargoes in large volumes and ensures the maximum safety of shipments. AMCOR Logistic arranges sea transportation of cargoes of any complexity and guarantees fast terms of delivery to any destination.

Sea transportation has a number of characteristic features, including:

  • option of transportation of bulky cargoes (up to 26 tons in one container)
  • use of special handling equipment
  • longer delivery terms (compared to air transportation or trucking)

International Sea Transportation Advantages

International sea transportation provides reliable communication between states and allows transporting valuable cargoes over long distances. Despite the longer delivery terms of sea container transportation, this method ensures:

  • high level of safety
  • quick loading/unloading of goods through the use of containers
  • protection of cargo from mechanical damage
  • compliance with temperature conditions and transportation requirements for various categories of goods

If the delivery of goods does not have a tight deadline, then sea transportation will be the best solution. When transporting large volumes to a water-locked state or another continent, container shipping by sea will help large business owners to significantly reduce costs.

Sea Transportation Cost

AMCOR Logistic provides logistics services on the most favorable terms. The cost of see transportation is calculated based on the following factors:

  • general dimensions of the cargo
  • categories of goods to be delivered
  • type of containers used
  • distances from the port of departure to the final destination

Our experts control all stages of transportation process, so you can always track the location of the cargo, its status and the exact delivery time.

Arrangement of Sea Transportation by AMCOR Logistic

The sea transportation is arranged by qualified AMCOR Logistic experts and guarantees the following advantages:

  • fast delivery terms
  • low prices for all types of services
  • integrated approach
  • professional customs clearance of goods
  • 24/7 ability to track the route
  • quality service

If you have questions, please call us or send us your details using the feedback form and our experts will contact you shortly.

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