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Multimodal Transportation

Multimodal transportation involves the use of several vehicles to ensure fast and efficient delivery. This transportation method is distinguished by the fact that the customer enters into an agreement with only one carrier which handles all stages of transportation.

AMCOR Logistic provides multimodal transportation of cargoes on favorable terms. Cooperation with large foreign companies allows us to quickly choose the right means of transport, which is especially important when transporting high-priority freight. Our experts always take into account the distance and speed of delivery to provide the customer with the best value for money.

Multimodal Transportation Types and Advantages

Multimodal transportation has its own special features. Sea or rail transport is often used to send bulky cargoes to a large city. After that, the cargo is divided into small lots and sent to the final destination by road. There are a number of multimodal delivery methods, including:

  • multimodal transportation by rail and road transport
  • multimodal transportation by sea and rail transport
  • delivery by air and road transport

The choice of vehicles and the cost of transportation depend on many factors. The specific features of the cargo, its dimensions, transportation distance, weather conditions and other factors are taken into account. Time saving and the ability to deliver the cargo to any location are main advantages of multimodal transportation.

Arrangement of Multimodal Transportation by AMCOR Logistic Experts

Turnkey multimodal transportation solutions are a priority for AMCOR Logistic. Unlike self-dispatch, where the customer needs to enter into an agreement with each company at specific transshipment terminals, the multimodal method eliminates the need for the customer’s participation in the cargo delivery process. AMCOR Logistic experts draw up the most convenient route to satisfy individual customer requirements and guarantee:

  • timely delivery of shipments
  • cargo safety
  • low prices
  • integrated approach
  • assistance in the preparation of documents (if necessary).

To make a delivery order or ask an expert a question, please give us a call on the above number or use the contact form to send us a message and our managers will call you back shortly.

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