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Groupage Transportation

Groupage transportation services fit perfectly into the budget of small companies and private customers and is also the best option when small-sized goods are to be transported. Groupage transportation within Russia is one of the most popular delivery methods, since it does not require a separate container or transport but at the same time it allows faster transportation of goods to the final destination.

AMCOR Logistic provides groupage transportation services tailored to individual customer requirements. We guarantee a professional approach to any task and short delivery terms. Transport services from AMCOR Logistic are cost-effective, simple and convenient. Our customers all around world are not afraid of entrusting their most valuable freights to us!

Groupage Transportation Advantages

Groupage transportation has a number of advantages for individuals and companies sending small freights. The main advantages of this shipping method are:

  • low cost
  • the arrangement of transportation and the responsibility for the safety of the freight rests with the carrier
  • door-to-door delivery option
  • groupage documentation is drawn up by the company
  • In addition to trucking, railway transportation of groupage freights, as well as sea cargo or multimodal delivery, is possible.

Groupage Freight Transportation From China

Since China is a leading supplier of a wide range of goods to the Russian market, the transportation of groupage freights from China is currently in high demand. To arrange fast road or railway transportation of groupage freight from China, we recommend choosing a trusted company with relevant experience.

AMCOR Logistic experts provide professional logistics services and work with orders of any complexity. Therefore, if you plan groupage shipments by road, air, rail or sea, our experts will choose the most suitable option based on the budget, the specific features of your goods and the terms of delivery.

Order Groupage Services at AMCOR Logistic

To order turnkey groupage transportation services, please call us or use the feedback form. Our experts will:

  • help you calculate the cost of delivery and provide advice on foreign trade regulations
  • choose the most cost-effective option taking into account the terms of delivery and dimensions of the cargo
  • arrange delivery anywhere in Russia and all over the world
  • provide clearance of all the necessary documents
  • provide storage and warehousing services
  • help you track the location of your freight 24/7

Delivery Terms in the Key Transportation Directions

If you have questions, please send us your details using the feedback form, and we will call you back shortly.

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